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Don't forget to put your request in for your Disco Tickets in time for the School Disco on Friday 25th May 2018 - 6.30 - 7.30pm!

VPIS Royal Wedding

On Friday 18th May, we will be holding our very own tribute to the upcoming Royal Wedding in school. We want to immerse the children in the celebrations and would like your help to try and make it as special as possible. We will be having our own “Royal Wedding” followed by a street party afterwards.


We will be dressing up a few of children from each class to make up the wedding party and wondered if anyone had any dressing up/fancy clothes that we could borrow. If you are able to lend us any of the items listed below, please could you contact me to make arrangements. However, please be mindful that other children may be using and wearing them, rather than your child, so do not offer to lend anything that is precious in any way!!


We need:

  • A fancy white dress for the bride to wear

  • Suits for the groom, best man and the two fathers (4)

  • A dress for the Queen, Kate and Meghan’s mum (3)

  • Any accessories like tiaras, handbags, gloves


We will need help on the day with organisation - specifically moving tables and chairs from classrooms into the playground and back again. We will also need help organising the food and taking it to the children. It will be a really busy day, but if you would like to help with this, please fill in the slip attached and return it to school. We can only have additional adults on the day to help, as it will be very busy and our priority must be the safety, wellbeing and organisation of the school children, therefore please make alternative arrangements for younger siblings and babies if you would like to help. Unfortunately, there is a limit to the number of helpers so if there are a lot of offers of help, we will allocate on a first come, first served basis.


We anticipate that this will be a lovely day for the children and thank you in advance for any help or support that you can offer. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or ideas.


Many thanks

Mrs Walkden








Pupil Name: __________________________________________ Class: ___________


I am able to provide: (costume) ____________________________________________ Size ___________


I would like to help on the day Name : ____________________________


Signed : ___________________________