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Closure of schools

Good evening,

After tonight's late notification of the imminent closure of schools, I would please ask for your patience. I have sent out a text message explaining that tomorrow (Tuesday 5th January) school will be closed to all pupils, even those of Keyworkers. This is so that we can plan for and accommodate children that are entitled to a place and that wish to access it. The provision is not going to replicate 'Team K' that we had in the Summer and so will need organising carefully. Could I please ask that parents do not e-mail / phone school to enquire about key worker places and/or questions about remote learning. We will be in touch with each family tomorrow, it just makes the information gathering much more manageable and we won't miss anyone out.

We already have a plan for remote learning and the teachers will be updating the class pages tomorrow to explain how that will work. 

The main job of the class teacher each day will be to focus on remote learning provision. This will include those children who are accessing a place at school but I do not want families to think that their children who are at home are missing out. The children in school will be accessing the same work under the direction of an adult rather than having a different input.

The purpose of another national lockdown is to slow down the spread of the virus so the fewer people in school, the better. In this spirit I would ask that eligible families only take up a place in school where absolutely necessary. If there is alternative childcare, please use it and access remote learning. We are happy to be flexible and have eligible children when a place is needed and then for you to tell us you don't need the provision on certain days. This will not compromise their place in school as a child of a Keyworker.

Sorry if this message is a little disjointed, to be perfectly honest following the clear message given over the weekend that 'schools were safe and should remain open'   I was not expecting such a brutal shutdown tonight.

We'll be in touch with you all tomorrow, thanks for your support and understanding as ever,

Miss Vrlec