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*** Don't forget to buy your Disco Tickets for Friday 6 March 2020, 6.30-7.30pm *** As the weather has become colder please do not forget to send your child into School with named hats and gloves! ***

Our New Reception Play Area

Our Reception Area Development

We’ve made some exciting developments to our outdoor area to improve the outdoor play experience for our children.

For mark making, expressive arts and literacy, we have installed a Giant Chalkboard, Easel Table and Giant Mirror. These excellent blank canvases will inspire the children to express themselves through art, writing and role play.

We can now take story time outdoors with our magical Storytelling Area. Children can take it in turns to sit in our new Story Telling Chair and read their favourite stories to the rest of the children sat around listening.

Finally, we have had a Giant Playhouse installed to develop children’s understanding of the world through role play.

For this project, we worked with Pentagon Play who design and install outdoor learning environments for schools and nurseries.

You can visit their website here –