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September 2021

Dear Parents & Carers,

I hope you have managed to have a good Summer, despite the very un summer like weather. 

I have been keeping up to date with DfE updates regarding opening schools in September. The biggest change seems to be that unvaccinated  young people under 18 and fully vaccinated adults are no longer required to self isolate if they live in the same household as someone with Covid 19, or are a close contact of someone with Covid 19. 

That means that in theory we will no longer have to send whole classes home when there is a confirmed case of Covid 19. Anyone who is identified as a close contact will now be contact directly via test & trace and advised to take a PCR test.

In theory this is great news and should mean a lot less disruption for families. In practical terms it should make systems within school easier to manage.

As schools reopen in September we are going to proceed with a bit of caution to see what happens in terms of infection rates and local and national outbreaks. In practical terms it means that certainly in September we are going to keep our class based groupings. The start and finish times will remain as they were in the Summer term (I've added a table below). This is just until we are confident that infection rates do not raise and we know exactly what constitutes a 'close contact'.

Class Gate Start time Finish time
Nursery am Howard Street  9:00 12:00
Nursery pm Howard Street  12:10 3:10
Reception 1 Henshaw Street 9:10 3:10
Reception 2 Howard Street  9:10 3:10
1C Howard Street  9:00 3:00
1G Henshaw Street 9:00 3:00
2D Howard Street  8:50 2:50
2F Henshaw Street 8:50



Full time Nursery children start at 9:00 and finish at 3:10

There will be signs on each gate welcoming each class so if you are unsure, just check the signage.

As we see what happens nationally and locally of course we would love to get back to inviting Parents and Carers back into our playground and this is certainly what we are aiming for but just for the moment we are going to continue with the teachers bringing in the children from their designated gates.

Playtimes will still be staggered for the children but again, our aim is at some point to return to whole school playtimes.

One of the ways of relaxing our systems within school is to have two classes in the dining room at the same time (still in their separate class groups). This means that should you wish for your child to have a hot school meal every day, every week this can now be accommodated. Of course if your child would like to bring a packed lunch from home that is also fine.

If there are any other changes, I will keep you updated.

Enjoy the rest of the Summer and see you all soon,

Miss Vrlec