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Starting Nursery Autumn 1

Week ending 24th September 2021

This week we have focused on our art and craft area and have directed all the the children to paint a picture. 

We have taken pictures of their paintings to go into their individual learning story.

The children can choose to paint or make a collage at any time.  Some children often choose to work in this area and you may end up with lots of pictures brought home.  Others will avoid crafts, painting and drawing and mark making activities although they do love to have work to take home.

For this reason we ensure that we direct the children to draw, paint or be creative on occasions. 

We have made a great start on our schools' new reading programme 'Floppy's Phonics'.

In the nursery we will be covering a wide variety of different areas of learning such as:

  • environmental sound
  • voice sounds
  • body percussion
  • instrumental sounds
  • rhythm
  • rhymes
  • alliteration
  • oral blending
  • segmenting

We will be accessing online Floppy Phonics resources and sharing Floppy Phonics books.  The first level (lilac) are picture books without words - they will be used to encourage discussion and lots of language development.

We have had fun with the first book 'At The Concert' playing instruments, singing nursery rhymes and pretending to be singers and musicians on  stage at the theatre.

Week ending 17th September 2021

This week our part time children have joined the nursery. 

Despite a few tears at the start of the day once inside the children are settling well.  

I have uploaded pictures of the children as they play happily with one another.  I hope by seeing these pictures you will feel reassured that they really do enjoy coming to the nursery. 

We are building an individual learning story for each child which consists of observations and photographs as they play and interact with one another in the seven areas of learning as outlined in the foundation stage curriculum.

Week ending 10th September 2021

The full time children have adjusted well to attending for a full day and are quickly getting used to the dinner time routine with Miss Myles. 

Mrs Peters has now joined the nursery team and the children are enjoying getting to know her.  

The children are continuing to settle well and are making new friends.

Lunch Time and a few more pics of the children as they settle into nursery life

Week ending 3rd September

Welcome everyone to our Nursery.

Our first topic centres around helping the children settle in, forming friendships with one another, getting to know the teachers and becoming familiar with our nursery routines.

Despite a few children becoming upset at the gate; once inside the nursery they are all settling very well. 

Here are a few pictures to share with you.