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Have you returned your child's Flu Immunisation Consent Form? Flu Vacines will take place on 16th October 2018 *** Toddler Gym starts again at VPIS on Tuesday 30th October 2018! *** Don't forget to come to our Arts and Literature Festival on Sunday 14th October at Victoria Park Junior Schoo l***

Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school.


Headteacher                  Miss Debbie Vrlec

Deputy Headteacher      Mrs Lisa Walkden


Year 2 Teachers            Mrs Lisa Walkden

                                     Mrs Eloise Dempsey

                                     Mrs Fiona Gill

                                     Mrs Louise Ogden


Year 1 Teachers            Mrs Alison O’Connell

                                     Miss Michelle Green


Reception Teachers      Mrs Lisa Spooner

                                    Mrs Anna Hermans

                                    Mrs Ruth Bisset


LOTC Teacher              Mrs Barbara Hart


Nursery Teachers         Mrs Jen Abbot

                                    Mrs Karen Al-Noah


Extended Services Co-ordinator          Miss Nicola Body


Nursery Nurse                                     Mrs Chris Howarth


Teaching Assistants   Miss Lisa Myles

                                  Mrs Hazel Nield

                                  Miss Gail Edwards

                                  Mrs Heather Shannon

                                  Mrs Helen Daniels

                                  Miss Shaleen Rose

                                  Mrs Sian Howarth*(Funded via individual child’s Education & Health Care Plan -EHCP)


Learning Mentor         Mr Mark Cartwright


Office Manager           Mrs Lisa Pearce

Office Administrator   Mrs Helen Sowerby Jones


Site Manager            Mr Mark Skinner


Kitchen staff             Mrs Michelle Butterworth

                                Mrs Gaynor Watson

                                Mrs Carol Pringle