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Week beginning 27th April 2020

In the last half term at school we started to learn in class about plants. We were looking at how different plants survive in different habitats. We had a primula plant and some succulents/cacti. We gave the plants some water and then left them. Well... they have been left for quite some time now. Have a look at what has happened!



Can you explain to a grown up what has happened and why? Can you write down a summary of what we have found out from this experiment. Below is a writing template if you want to use this to help you.

We know that some of  you have been very busy planting at home and if you haven't managed to get hold of any seeds don't worry, there are some fantastic ideas included in the pack below. You can use some of the attached worksheets that can be used to record your findings.

The Sikh festival of Vaisakhi

Please watch the following video-


We hope that you enjoyed watching the videos about how Vaisakhi is celebrated. It is a New Year celebration for the Sikh community.

Many people celebrate New Year in different ways. Some people have parties, others eat special foods and sometimes there are fireworks and special countdowns towards midnight when the new year begins.


How have you and your family celebrated New Year? Talk about it with your grown ups.



Can you think about a festival that you have been to or have taken part in? Have you been to a parade or a special celebration which you enjoyed?

Can you write a few sentences about it? What was the festival or celebration for? What happened? What did you enjoy most about it?