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Welcome back to Victoria Park Infant School


Tuesday's Timetable

1 Hello and Good Morning

2 Wake and Shake.

3 Marvellous Maths

4 English of the Day

5 Topic

Hello and Good Morning 

Here is the picture of the day I'd like you to have a think about. I love this picture.  

Look at the word of the day! it's nearly time for a new one!

2 Wake and shake and get your body moving

Teach the song to your grown up and sing and dance along!



3 Marvellous Maths

Count along forwards and backwards 


Maths Mat of the day

4 English today

a) SPAG mat 2


b) Game of the day


Today we look at poems here is a little clip about rhyming words.


 Can you think of some rhyming words to match to each item maybe you can think of even more?

Complete the worksheet. 

Listen to the story of Stop telling fibs. We will be using this to look at some rhyming.


5 Topic Work

Can You find out what your postcode is?

Can you write and remember your full address?