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Welcome back to Victoria Park Infant School

Monday 11th January

Good morning everyone, how are you getting on so far?


I want you to try your best to get the jobs that I post on here done every day, however I know it’s hard if your grown-ups are busy and can’t help you, or you can’t watch the videos, I understand everyone’s home is going to be different. Please do as much as you can and you can always catch up on a different day. Grown-ups do email me if you need any help!! (



This week in English we are going to focus on poetry. First we are going to remind ourselves about rhyming. Please watch and complete the BBC page about rhyming words below.

Next, watch the video from Mrs O’Connell who is reading our class poem.

Where Teachers Keep Their Pets poem

I would like you to read the poem again (with a grown up’s help if needed) and have a guess where Mrs Vickers might keep her stick insect. Can you match the teacher to the animal? (You can print out the sheets below or draw the pictures and write the words next to them).

Don’t forget if you run out of paper you can use a tablet/ipad/chalkboard to write on (if you have one!) and ask your grown up to take a photograph to email to me. 😊


First I’d like you to start off counting down from 20 – be careful on those teen numbers!

Now, for our maths work we are going to talk about POSITION. That means where something/ someone is. Today, you are first going to need to know your LEFT and RIGHT. Here is a poster to help you see the L that your LEFT hand makes (and your right hand looks like a tick!) ü

Have a look at the BBC video below, Hip Hop Granny will help you move left and right.

Now give the White Rose Maths worksheet a try! Again don’t worry about printing it out, you can answer the questions together with a grown up or a brother or sister, as long as you learn to use the words ‘left, right, forwards and backwards’.


We are continuing to learn about the weather and seasons in our science work. On Friday we learnt about how looking at a tree can tell us which season we are in. Today we are going to learn about the different types of weather in each season. For your activity you could draw a picture and then send it to me and I will have to guess what season it is by looking at the weather.

Here is a song to help you remember the different weather in the seasons. As it is American they have called Autumn ‘Fall’.

Seasons Song

Keeping active

On a Monday we are usually dancing! I thought you might like to have some fun using your new left and right knowledge to follow the instructions in the Cha Cha Slide. Why don’t you see if you can get your grown-ups to join in the fun as well! 😊 

Cha Cha Slide Dance

We also have new activities in the ‘homework’ folder on Education City for this week, and CBBC are broadcasting lessons on their channel in case you need more to do while we are learning at home.

Finally, I thought I would read you a story to finish our day together.

See you tomorrow.
Miss Green x

The Weather Monster