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Week beginning 4th May 2020

Our mathematics this week will be based on washing dolls and washing dolls clothes.

Find some dolls and some dolls clothes that need to be washed.  You will need a bowl of water, soap, a washing line and a few pegs. 


Practise rote counting and touch counting on a regular basis.

Count dolls, count sets of dolls clothes and household pegs.

Help your mum or dad to hang out the washing on the washing line.  Practise opening up house hold pegs and attaching them to the line (developing finer physical skills).

Create two colour patterns using household pegs e.g. red peg, yellow peg, red, yellow etc.  Ask questions such as:

What colour peg will be next?

How many red pegs?  how many yellow pegs? 

Do we have more yellow pegs or more red pegs?

How many pegs all together?

Encourage children to solve simple problems e.g. find one more peg or take one peg away. 

Encourage the children to make comparisons between different sized clothes.  Encourage the use of comparative language e.g. big, small, middle sized, bigger, smaller etc.

Look at and discuss shapes and patterns on dolls clothes

Listen to the delightful and amusing story ‘Mrs Mopple’s Washing Line.

Mrs Mopple's Washing Line

Count the washing on Mrs Mopple’s washing line.  How many gloves make a pair of gloves?  How many fingers are there in each glove and how many fingers are there altogether?

Log on to Education city, I have set a maths task for you.