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Wednesday 13th January

Wednesday 13th January 

Good morning everyone! 

Let's start the day with a phonics session. This is a review session so it's a little bit shorter. 

Review of the sessions so far

I think you will also like Reading Robot on phonicsplay - the current log in is 'jan21' and the password is 'home'.

When you click on this game you can select the phonics phase you'd like to play. I would recommend phase 4 and 5 for where 1C are up to at the moment - go to phase 3 or 2 if that's a bit tricky! Remember we always give things a go but do ask for help when you are really stuck - there are always things we can do to make it easier for you! 


Today is the day to write your own poem!


You can use the teachers we have already used for rhyming on yesterday's work and think of a new animal for them, or you can write a completely new poem! A good way to do it is first of all think of some animals that the teachers could have ... cat, frog, whale (because it is a bit of a silly nonsense poem), spider, giraffe, snail, duck billed platypus... and write those in at the end of the line first. 

THEN try to think of a name that rhymes with your animal. You can think of a person's name first and rhyme it with an animal first if you like - whichever is easiest for you. 



Mr Flat has a meerkat

Mrs Spoon has a baboon

Mr Bruce has a moose


THEN if you want to do a little bit more, tell me where the pet is kept! This can rhyme if you want it to.

Mr Flat has a meetkat under his hat

Mrs Spoon has a baboon in her classroom

Mr Bruce has a moose next to his goose


Or you can rhyme it in a different way:

Miss Rose has a dog, she keeps it up her nose!

Mrs Beer has a deer, it sits behind her ear!


You can even add adjectives:

Miss Rose has a slimy toad, she keeps it up her pointy nose!


Now, in the classroom we would normally be able to share our ideas and hear the rhymes, so here is a website that can help us find words to rhyme.

Grown ups - please do not put too much pressure on this, the point is to hear the rhymes and practise writing so you can always use yesterday's words and rhymes and ask your child to copy them out for me. Do not panic! It also does not have to make sense as it is a nonsense poem.


I would love to see what you've come up with today so please email your poems to me. cheeky


Here are some more nonsense poems to read, listen and enjoy!

Michael Rosen - Don't


Here is the next lesson from the Oak Academy. The teacher here talks us through TURNS and the language of movement. It's fun I promise!! laugh

This is a good problem solving activity to do. You only need to do page 3 (Cinderella). I would love you to email me your completed work so I can to see if you could follow the instructions and find all the answers. You could even make your own puzzle for someone in your family to solve! 

Topic - Ready Steady Go!

Have a look at the information for today and see if you can make a timeline. If you play it as a slideshow you will hear me again!

Physical activity

Joe Wicks is back!! Come and join in today's workout..

PE With Joe 2021 | Wednesday 13th Jan

Thank you for sending me your work and photos - they are keeping me going!!

Stay in touch, and tomorrow I'll hand you back over to the Marvellous Mrs Al-Noah,

Love Mrs O'Connell xx