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Week beginning 6th April 2020

Hello Families!

We hope that you are having a super duper time at home doing lots of playing, learning and looking after each other beautifully!


We would like to offer some more ideas for things to do to keep yourselves busy and happy in the week ahead laugh







Young learners need to revisit, consolidate and practise recalling new knowledge on a regular basis. This said it would be beneficial if they practised the Jolly Phonics actions along with that letter/sound correspondence (all this means is that they need to look at the letter at the same time as saying the sound, using the Jolly Phonics action acts as a mnemonic to help them to remember it). 


Below, you'll find a PowerPoint Presentation that you can use to practiseyes



Continuing with the practising and revisting theme, we'd like to show you the way that the children have been shown how to form their letters. We have covered lower case letters (the little ones) so far but the PowerPoint below gives you the correct formation of upper case letters too (the big capitals). PLEASE REMEMBER!!! the children only need to use a capital letter when beginning a sentence or for names, if you see your child using capital letters elsewhere in their writing just give them a gentle reminder of the correct use of capital letters. 


Letter Formation PowerPoint

Here is a little Easter writing activity to try.

(Easter themed with some religious content please choose the activities that are appropriate for your own family.)