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Autumn 1

Our Year One Curriculum Update will give you an overview of our learning for the half term and some ideas of how you can help at home.

Week beginning 17th October

As scientists this week, we have been talking about the seasonal changes and discovering which trees grow in our local area. We went on a walk to Victoria Park and collected leaves to help us identify the trees. The children were beautifully behaved and listened well to the adults. We all had a wonderful time!

If you want to continue to be scientists during the holidays, why don't you go and see what trees you can find when you’re out and about, identifying them using their leaves. There are some handy ID sheets below to help you.

The children have really grown this half-term and settled well into the routines of Year One. We are so proud of them 😊.

We hope you all have a lovely half-term holiday and we will see you back in school on Monday 31st October.

Miss Green and Mrs Hermans

Week beginning 10th October 2022

Another busy week of learning in 1G 😊

In maths we have been focusing on comparing two numbers. We have been practising the vocabulary of greater than, less than and is equal to. The children enjoyed comparing numbers and putting numbers in order from greatest to smallest or smallest to greatest. If you would like some more practise at home, there is a link in the games folder above.


In English we have been exploring the fable, Town Mouse and Country Mouse. The children have looked at the different settings and written sentences about how the characters felt at different parts in the story. We have been working on using the correct letter formation and writing in sentences using capital letters and full stops.

In computing we have used the app Scratch Jnr on the ipads to make our own pictures adding characters, backgrounds and adding detail using the drawing tools. Next half term we will continue with this work animating our illustrations.


Next week

We are hoping to visit the park on Thursday (weather permitting) to identify the different types of trees growing and look at the seasonal changes for our science work.

As the Harvest Festival is on our PE day (Wednesday), please could the children wear their yellow t-shirt, green sweater/ cardigan and their tracksuit bottoms/leggings/ trainers/ pumps. The children have worked hard learning the songs and we hope to see you there.

Week beginning 3rd October

Well what a busy week it has been!

We all enjoyed our walk around Stretford using our field work skills to read and follow a map. We looked at how the land and different buildings are used in our locality, spotting the shops, the Public hall, houses, the old cinema and the park. The children behaved beautifully listening well to the adult instructions, great work 1G 😊

We are continuing to enjoy our choosing time where we get to play together, practise skills, share ideas and chat with our friends.

Week beginning 26th September

What's a super week of learning 1G have had!

This week we started our new story, This is the Bear and enjoyed learning more about the characters using drama and writing our own speech bubbles for how they were feeling at different parts of the story.



In maths we've been counting backwards, finding one more and one less than a number and used this to find missing numbers in sequences. Some children are still finding counting backwards a little tricky so some additional practise at home would be useful.


In music we have learnt all about the different instruments in an orchestra, listened to different pieces of music and said how they made us feel and played different musical instruments in time to the beat. We really enjoyed our music sessions this week!

Week beginning 19th September

Fridays are officially the best day of the week! (according to the children) as they love getting stuck into their design and technology projects with Mrs Hermans. Below are some photos from this week and the last two weeks of work.

In English this week we have started some poetry using the nursery rhyme, Humpty Dumpty and have been practising making our own rhyming couplets. In Basketball we have been working on bouncing and controlling the ball and had lots of fun playing games 😊

In Science we have been identifying everyday materials that different objects are made from and grouping them. Maybe you would like to go on a Material hunt at home and find as many different objects as you can made from the same material. We would love to see the results!


We just wanted to say a big thank you to all those children (and parents who helped them) complete their homework. The written sheet and reading homework are an important part of the children’s phonics learning which provides additional opportunities for children to consolidate the learning they have done in class as well as practise their segmenting and blending skills.


Next week

We look forward to seeing you at our Meet the Teacher meeting on Wednesday (28th September at 4.15pm). It is a chance for us to let you know a bit more about some of the things the children will be learning in Year One and how you can help at home. We look forward to seeing you there,

Miss Green and Mrs Hermans



Week beginning 12th September

It's been a super week in 1G! The children have really enjoyed learning lots of new things.


This week we have been geographers thinking about where we live, identifying what town, city and street we live on. We have learnt about addresses and postcodes and found out how a letter reaches its destination. As homework we wondered if you could help your child find out what number and road/ street they live on and maybe take a short walk up and down the road to see how houses/ buildings are numbered on the different sides of the road. Some children may even want to learn their postcode as well!


Have a lovely weekend and I will see you on Tuesday 20th Sept,

Miss Green

Next week

The children are enjoying their DT lessons on a Friday with me, learning how to assemble their structures using different joins however we are fast running out of boxes and tubes! If you have any small boxes and tubes e.g. kitchen roll holders, please can you send them into school for us. Thank you,

Mrs Hermans



Week beginning 5th September

The children have settled well into the routines of Year One and it has been lovely to see all their smiling faces in the morning. They have really enjoyed being with all their friends again after the summer holidays and loved learning and playing together this week. So if anyone has come home and told you that they’ve done nothing this week at school… then I’m sure you will enjoy the photographs below.


We are still hearing the children read and will send home their reading books early next week. We will be available in the playground before and after school if you have any questions.


Mrs Hermans is looking forward to seeing the children on Friday and I can’t wait to see you all on Monday.

Have a lovely weekend everyone,

Miss Green


Next week

Please can your child bring in a water bottle filled with water so they can access it throughout the day and it would be helpful to check that your child’s jumper or cardigan is named as they can get easily mixed up.

Please see the note below about PE.



Monday 5th September

Hello everyone and welcome back to school smiley

The children have settled well into their new classroom and enjoyed the different activities we have done. We have had a wonderful day together and I cannot wait for tomorrow!

Just to let you know that PE this half term will be on Wednesday's and Thursday's and the children can come to school in their PE kits on these days. 

Miss Green