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Timetable for Monday

1 Hello and Good morning

2 Maths of the day

3 English

4 Topic

5 Story/music time 


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

1 Picture of the day 

Today's picture of the day will help us focus on being amazing! The picture is right we don’t need to be perfect to be amazing! You are all superstars and doing your very best! Well done! 

2 Maths 

Today we start by singing along to the times tables songs


Now complete your maths mat of the day. Write your answers into your yellow book.  There are 3 different levels start with number 1 and see if you can you complete number 2 and 3 aswell?   

Extension task

How many 3 digit numbers can you make that come between 100 and 300? use your yellow book to record. Can you find 10? 100?    

3 English Work

Play the game

Can you complete the sentences?

Play Karate Cats English Game For Kids | Free Online Spelling Games - BBC Bitesize

Can you complete the SPAG mat? 

Can you write a few sentences to tell me something that you have enjoyed doing this holiday? What was the best toy that you played with?  Did you go for a walk or a scooter or a bike ride? Did you enjoy watching a film or your favourite TV programme?

Can you use capital letters and full stops?  Can you use your best handwriting? Can you send your writing to Mrs Gill? 

4 Topic work 

Today we will be having our dance and music topic lessons.

Here is Mrs Murphy and the dance lesson. When we get back to school we will be dancing to all the dances she has made especially for our children.         

5 Music Programme 

Let's continue from where we left off and the next part of the musical adventure.