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Welcome back to Victoria Park Infant School




Hello Reception 2 Families

Welcome to Tuesday’s Home Learning! I hope that you are all feeling good and wearing big smiles!


Before I continue though, I would like to alert you to a couple of things...

  • You have all been emailed inviting you to a Home Learner's Zoom Get Together on Wednesday 20th January at 1.30. Look out for your Zoom invite, send me a very short response to let me know whether or not I can expect you and please - do join us. It will be so great to see your lovely faces.  x
  • You have been emailed a link, account and class login to a website called Epic that we are using throughout school. This resource brings you hundreds of books, for both reading practise and for reading for pleasure. PLEASE have a peek at what it has to offer. Reading and listening to stories are hugely beneficial to your little folk. May I ask that you don't change the account name that you have been given. Thank you. 
  • May I ask that, through social media,a phone call, text (not face-to-face obviously!) that you check in on one another to offer support, love and advice. Everyone is finding this isolation and home schooling difficult. If you have a brighter day and you feel like you are winning, then spread your positivity with your fellow Reception 2 parents and carers. It could make all the difference.

Tuesday’s Topic Work


Here is a little video from me, Mrs Cook! I would like to tell you what we will be learning about today...


Where ever you live in the world, the winter time is a cold time and you need to dress in the right clothes to keep warm and snuggly!


Inuit people need to keep especially warm because the Arctic is one of the coldest places in the whole world! Today we are going to find out about Inuit clothing, what it is made of and how it is made.





Can you carefully cut, arrange and glue the Inuit clothes onto their bodies to keep them warm?! Follow the link below where you will find a print of an Inuit girl and an Inuit boy and some nice warm clothes that you can cut out and dress them up all warm and snug.






Today’s Literacy Work


The Owl and the Lemming – An Inuit Legend

Enjoy this beautiful animation of an Inuit Legend.


After watching it ask your child questions about what they watched to explore what they understood, how they felt whilst watching it and what they liked and disliked about the story.



Today we will look at the phoneme ‘ee’. In the Jolly Phonics video of songs and actions the ‘ee’ and ‘or’ phonemes are together in the same song.

Go through the video and see if you can spot them!

Listen to and watch the video to practise segmenting and blending words that contain the ‘ee’ digraph.

Join the Alpha Blocks and find out about the ‘ee’ digraph!

Play Roll and Read with the ‘ee’ digraph! All you need is a dice. Read the words on screen or follow the link below if you’d like to print it off.

Read the ‘ee’ phoneme spotter story and listen and look for words that contain the ‘ee’ digraph. You and your child can read it together on screen to find the words, your child may be able to read it independently. The children are all at different stages in their reading. You’ll find a link below to enable you to print it off. If you choose to do this then your child could circle and write the words in a list and the story can be coloured in too!

There is a link at the bottom of the page to some ‘ee’ worksheets if you need them to keep your tiddlers busy! I know that everyone's circumstances are different and there is no expectation for you to complete everything. x

Tuesday’s Maths Work


Follow the link at the bottom of the page and you will find a video lesson all about 2-D shapes.


The Number Blocks would like to teach you about 2-D shapes


Time to be a shape detective!


You’ll find a link to the following shape hunt template below. Alternatively, you could make one yourself.


Ask your child to go around the house and find objects that are these 2-D shapes. They can draw them or they can write them. They could create a tally of how many things of each shape they can find. Have fun!


At the bottom of the page you’ll find a link to some shape colouring in sheets.


Tuesday’s Physical Challenge


Mr Shingler our PE coach came to school last week to devise some fitness challenges just for you! Just follow the link. Have fun!


Let’s end today’s learning with some stretching and calm time – join in with Cosmic Kids for Frozen Yoga!


Thanks for being so brilliant as always and we’ll see you tomorrow!

Mrs Cook x