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Welcome back to Victoria Park Infant School


It’s Friday! 
Today we are going to follow this timetable 

1 Good morning

2 Star card of the day

3 Marvellous Maths

4 English

5 Friday topic

1 Good Morning 

Good Morning

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2 Star card of the day 

Clever Star

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3 Marvellous Maths


Let’s try the magic method!

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Warm up Maths

Play the game 

Choose the level and the game to warm up.

Today we are going to try something which will be a new concept to the children. I have explained it on my own video and have also attached the white rose videos to help too!

If your child is already confident with vertical addition and subtraction please complete the attached Extension sheet. 

4 English


b) Today's SPAG mat to complete
c) Take a look at this picture again. It's the one that shows the sea and the beach. Today I would like you to write some sentences to describe the beach and would like you to use a conjunction in your sentence.

Can you use because, like or so to extend your sentences? 
The beautiful, blue, calm sea is like a peaceful, summer sky.

I would like to swim in the calm, tranquil ocean because I would love to swim with tropical fish.

You can make your own sentences about the sea, the sand and the forest on the picture. 

5 Topic work 

Science Topic Work

Can you do a scavenger hunt in your garden or in the local park? Can you find any of these things? Tick them off and hunt for any you can't find staright away. Where could you find it?

Can you find these things?

Watch the clip about Habitats in the local area. Did you notice where the minibeasts live?

Urban Habitats

Woodland Habitats


You might like to finish off the day with a Mr Shingler Challenge!