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Week beginning 18th May 2020

Continuing our animal theme this week we thought you might like to read Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell. You can then have a go at some of these activities related to the book. 

Dear Zoo - Read by Rod Campbell

Write a letter to the zoo. Tell them what animals you would like them to send you and those which you might not like to receive! If you can use adjectives to describe each animal that would be great. You can always write on paper as an alternative to the template. 

Can you imagine if an animal escaped from the zoo! 

Make a poster to tell people about the escaped animal. Give a description and tell people what to do if they see it - besides running away as fast as they can!

You could write another story based on Rod Campbell's book. You could use the idea of receiving a gift but each time there is something 'wrong' with it. What would happen?

You might like to have a conversation about animals in zoos. Do you think it is fair to keep animals in cages? What about the role zoos play in conservation of endangered species? Have you ever been to a zoo? What did you think?