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Please remember to label gloves, hats, scarves, boots and any other extra items your child might have for the cold weather.

R2's Home Learner's Gallery WB 8th February


What an INCREDIBLE Arctic junk model Eva! Very impressive! Good trying with spelling your Tricky Words too!



Mabel has been making salt dough with her mum - good old messy fun!



Hamid - awesome phonics and Tricky word practise! It is a thumbs up from me too!



What a super Chinese Dragon Hank! You look very proud and rightly so!



Hamid, your Chinese Dragon is brilliant!



Eva has absolutely loved finding out about Chinese New Year! She has had another busy day of learning fun, your Ox picture is brilliant, you  must have listened so carefully to the tutorial - well done!



Nina, you are such a busy little bumble bee! I love all of your fabulous creations and your writing practise is ace! Your funny pouty face made me giggle too!



Eva has been learning to write in Chinese! Wow!