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Welcome back to Victoria Park Infant School

Week 2

Hello R2 Families

 We have continued to explore our class story 'Here We Are' by Oliver Jeffers and it has massively ignited the children's interest in the world around them. They were blown away at the idea that they are part of the animal kingdom when we talked about classifying animals. We came together in talk partners to talk about animals. Talk partners are a wonderful way of bringing the children together to develop conversational skills and to learn collaboratively...










The children then went on to work together in groups to sort and decide if the animals lived in the water, on the land or in the sky. It was lovely to observe them working together and discovering their amazing factual knowledge about the different animals...






In maths this week we have been finding ways of making 5 using 5 frames, part part whole models, numicon and pictures. In phonics we now have Level 2 Floppy's Phonics underway and have learnt the phonemes w and x. 


This week we began a new PSHE programme that Trafford schools are participation in called 'Think Equal'. The EYFS teachers have undertaken some really interesting training for the programme and this week we did the first lesson. Each lesson is story book led and this week's book was called 'Marvellous Me'. In it we explored our similarities, differences, our uniqueness and how very beautiful and special we all are...









We will continue to read 'Here We Are' next week and will talk about people, the different parts of our bodies, the jobs that people do and what we would like to be/do when we grow up. It's a measures week next week in maths and we'll explore weight and capacity. In phonics we will learn y and z. 


I'm uploading some general pics of life in R2 in the past week.


Have a lovely week everyone and enjoy the chilly sunshine tomorrow!


Mrs Cook x