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Welcome back to Victoria Park Infant School

Week 4

Hi there Reception 1 families!

Wow! We have had yet another great and very busy week. The children are all continuing to impress Miss Edwards and I with their fantastic attitudes towards their learning. They are all so eager to learn new things. This week the children have adapted to a new lunch time return and environment as they have had hot school dinners in the dining hall. As part of our carpet time in the morning the children are told the choices of meals on offer to them. They then choose the meal they would like to eat. This helps to make lunch time a happy and smooth running experience. All the children have been well behaved and are eating well. Reception will continue to have hot school dinners next week.

Each child now has a reading record book and a sound fan containing the sounds the child is ready to learn. Please can we ask that these are kept in your child's book bag each day. We will practise sounds whenever we can.

The children have enjoyed discovering our book Here We Are by Oliver Jeffers and have talked at length about the amazing illustrations and about what they would like to know about earth. That has given us a number of ideas to investigate next week. It is great to be able to follow the interests of the children sparked by reading the book.

Also this week the children have been developing new friendships and Miss Edwards and I have enjoyed watching these develop during play and communication. The children are sharing their ideas and resources with each other and are working together to complete activities, build a model, create a den and have fun!

We had our first PE session on Tuesday. Outside, we played a number of games and the children had the opportunity to discover different ways of moving and travelling. On Wednesday we had a dance lesson in groups of 15 with a coach called Eve. The children listened well to her instructions and were able to copy the moves. We hope to have more dance lessons over the next few weeks.

The pictures below show a snapshot of what we have been busy doing this week. Threading, looking in a mirror and drawing our faces, looking closely at skin and hair colours and our features, collaging an earth picture, playdough, matching numerals to the correct amount, finding our shadows on a sunny day, writing sounds, having fun outside, PE, dance and enjoying being on the stage outside!



Finally, we finished our week on Friday with our Zoom Celebration assembly. During this assembly we celebrate the children in school who have had a birthday this week and a member of each class is chosen by their teacher to be the star of the week. They get to wear the class medal for the week and their photograph is displayed in school. I forgot to mention (I'm very sorry) last week that Connor was chosen to be our star of the week for being friendly and helpful and being super at knowing his sounds and numbers. This week  Glen has been chosen to be the star of the week for always trying her best in whatever she is asked to do and for being helpful and kind to the other children. Well done to both of our winners!!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend. If you are out and about and you collect some interesting autumn finds, it would be nice if you bring them to school to show your friends. Miss Edwards and I are looking forward to another great busy week. See you on Monday!

Mrs Spooner smiley