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Week beginning 15th June 2020

This week we are going to continue with our work on position. This work links with our foundation subject work in Geography and focuses on reading maps and learning about North, South, East and West.

To extend this we are going to learn about turning in a clockwise (turning right) and anti-clockwise direction (turning left) for a quarter of a turn, half a turn and three-quarters of a turn. This is something completely new for you to learn and you might want to practise doing this first, pretending you a robot and completing lots of different turns. 

For the rest of the week we are going to look at multiplication again. You will remember that we have already done some work on this (counting in 2's, 5's and 10's) which we are going to look at again. We are also going to practise counting groups of objects and writing the number sentences as long addition sums. There are some videos on WRM (Week 7) and BBC Bitesize to help you with this.