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Wednesday 24th February

Helloo everyone it was SO nice to see so many of you on our Zoom yesterday- we loved meeting your pets and favourite cuddly toys! laugh

The letter about Monday 8th March is in the page linked below in case you missed it. Woohoo I am counting the days until everyone is back in the 1C classroom!


Let's double check our phase 4 tricky words today. If you can already read them all then you can skip this bit!

Here is Geraldine Giraffe learning the o_e split digraph, and a worksheet page for you to find and write o_e words. 

Today's word of the day is...         out


Yesterday we watched a story about Handa who lives in a village in Kenya. Why don’t you watch it again and remind yourself of what happened in the story.

A villager witnessed what happened to the fruit basket and told Handa. She now wants to make posters to warn other villagers about the pesky animals that live nearby. Can you help?

Think about your adjective work from yesterday. Could you use some adjectives to describe the animals as well as the fruit? Maybe you might need to warn people about what the animals like to steal? Are they dangerous? Where were they last seen? I would love to see some of your completed posters today! smiley
(I am so sorry I spelt ostrich wrong yesterday! I wonder if any of you spotted it! wink)


Today we are going to be learning about 2D shapes and their properties. Miss Charlton will tell you all about it below. There is also a link for the shape song she refers to.

Just for fun, why don’t you make your own shape picture using the shapes below or count how many shapes you can see in this picture!

Wellbeing Wednesday

As it is Wednesday today, have a look at our special Wellbeing Wednesday page with new activity ideas, or do something else that you enjoy, and make sure you are looking after yourselves. 


Don't forget to do the Education City tasks at some point this week too. cheeky

I can't wait to hear from you today, we are so proud of you all - grown ups included!

Lots of love,

Mrs O'Connell Xx