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Friday Remote Learning 29/1

Good Morning from Mrs Gill and Edward


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Friday's diary

1 Today is the day for our Zoom calls!

Welcome to Zoom call 1 at 10 am and Zoom call 2 at 11 am. Please bring your book review to the Zoom call. Please bring your best piece of school work and something you have made at home it might be a model, a picture, a cake or a game.

2 Measuring maths

Please watch the clip about measuring temperature.   

This video shows us all the places we can find thermometers.

Now try the questions on this sheet! 
There are some activities on education city for temperature and other game set on classwork for measuring. Please click on to try,

3 English of the Day


Hello there 2F. We are going to start off the day by looking at brackets. It's just a quick video to help you understand. 

Next we are going to take a look at this Meercat picture. I would like you to draw the Meercat and I would like you to write some sentences about him or her. You can name your Meercat but can you make his or her name start with the letter "M" Mine is going to be called Margaret!      

Watch these Meercats it might give you a few ideas for the writing.

5 Friday's topic work

Today it is PE with Mr Shingler. I love the scavenger hunt he has created. See how you go. 


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