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Welcome back to Victoria Park Infant School

Week 2

Hello Reception 1 families!

What a great sun shining week we have had in school. When the sun is out we all feel so happy.

This week we have enjoyed the story of The Elves and the Shoemaker. The children showed how they could listen carefully to the story and then be able to talk about the order of the story, why they think particular events happened, and about the characters in the story. The children showed their creative side this week by designing new clothes for the elves and their own pair of magic boots. Miss Edwards and I were very impressed with their original ideas.

We have continued to work hard learning our sounds in phonics, and reading tricky words. The children are really trying their best when we are asking them to use their phonic skills when spelling and writing words. The progress the children are making with their reading is helped along by regular practise at home, little and often. Please could I remind you to write in your child's reading record book when you read with them at home, so we know how they are getting on. Thank you for supporting your child with this. The child are very proud of themselves when they learn new sounds, read new words and get new reading books.

In maths this week we have been developing our skills in subtraction and counting back. The children have worked really hard on this and they have become much more confident throughout the week. The children have also made a big effort to form their numbers correctly too!

As a result of the lovely sunny weather we have had, the children have been able to take part in more outdoor activities. Please use your judgement as to whether you feel you need to apply sun cream before school(staff are not able to apply it on the children) or if your child needs to wear a hat.

In PE we have continued with our gymnastics with Mrs Murphy and trying to make different shapes with our body. The children were fab at doing this! 

We have celebrated 2 birthdays - Joshua and Aizah and our medal winner this week is Tiana. Tiana has been trying hard and has made great progress with her blending. Well done Tiana!

The zoom slots for Parent's evening are now full. I will send you your invite soon.

That a brief outline of our week. Please enjoy looking at the slideshow below.

Miss Edwards and I hope you are enjoying the sunny weather, and we are looking forward to seeing you all on Monday.

Mrs Spooner x