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Welcome back to Victoria Park Infant School

Spring 1

Week 6 


Our last week of the half-term brought lots of fun. Following on from reading Little Rabbit Foo Foo we had carrots appear in the mud kitchen area, which we enjoyed chopping and making soup with.


We have been ordering numbered carrots and also working hard with scissors to cut carefully. Outdoors we have enjoyed identifying the large chalked numbers and then painting over them with water.


We did a gymnastics session on Tuesday morning which the children loved and showed some great skills! I was very proud of their listening skills in this lesson.


Have a lovely week off! Hopefully the sun will continue to shine and you can get to enjoy the outdoors. I will see you all back at school on the 20th February.



Week 5


This week in Nursery we have been enjoying our new key text “Little Rabbit Foo Foo”- an absolute classic from Michael Rosen. The children have explored the beginning, middle and ending of the story; sequencing the story using illustrations from the text. It is also a fantastic story to explore the right and wrong behaviour- we learnt that Little Rabbit Foo Foo probably isn’t a good friend to have!


In maths we have explored Numicon and matched them to the correct numeral- this is something that we will continue to work on.


In phonics we have enjoyed singing ‘Five Little Speckled Frogs’, which we also enjoyed in our outdoor provision. We have been singing Hickory Dickory Dock, noting rhyming words and creating actions to accompany the rhyme.


Next week children are allowed to bring in one ‘magical item’ for show and tell. This can be anything that they will want to talk about in front of the class- it may be a special pebble, a photo, a stick that transforms into a wand!!! It could be something you find on a walk or in the garden.

Week 4


Another lovely week in Nursery! We have had lots of fun practising our fine motor control in our finger gym area.


The children have enjoyed exploring the metallic paint bags outside and the ‘Magic House’- where fairies and elves have set up home.


We have had an active maths lesson where we focused on direction- moving forwards, backwards and sidewards. We also tested our listening skills by playing the stop and go game!

Week 3


This week we have been using the small 'tap tap' to create magical images. The children had to hammer the different shapes using accuracy, placing the tacks carefully to hold their pieces in place. We had some wonderful creations.


The snow provided lots of fun outdoors and there were some magical finds such as icicles in the mud kitchen area.


Chinese New Year was celebrated within Early Years with a Dragon Dance in the outdoor area. We have enjoyed watching the noodles soften in the water tray, creating the different zodiac animals in the play dough area and exploring the lucky red rice outdoors.

Week 2

***************Please see Newsletter attached for Curriculum Information************


This week we have been busy using our magic crayons and creating amazing pieces of work, where children had to draw and mark-make independently. We have made 'cosmic' biscuits with edible glitter- which were very delicious.


The addition of the dog grooming salon has been very busy and the children have really enjoyed exploring this addition to the provision. The children have really impressed me with their independence this week such as taking off/putting on shoes when we did Cosmic Yoga on Friday, selecting the powder paints and mixing them independently and tidying up areas when they have finished playing in there. We are becoming so grown-up!


The weather has been dreadful but that has given us different learning opportunities such as transporting rainwater and watching the chiffon scarves blow in the wind!


Please can I remind parents that Nursery starts at 9.00 a.m in the morning. I will endeavour to open the doors a little earlier so you can drop off just before that time, if needed. I will be closing the door at 9.05 a.m and starting our morning routine with the children. I really appreciate your support with this.


Week 1


What a great return to Nursery. The children came in with confidence and I was really proud of how they got back into our routine with ease.


We have started our new theme for the next term- A Magical Place. Our new key text is called 'The Magic Crayon' by Amy Sparkes. It is such a brilliant story and the children loved listening to it.



In maths we have been learning about positional language. The children have loved spotting Mog around the classroom in different spots- on top of the whiteboard, below Mrs Dempsey's chair, beside the table etc...


We have been learning how to mix the powder paints independently, which will be added to the provision from next week so they can continue to do this freely. After registration children have been encouraged to practise writing their name to create a written register.


Outdoors we have been weaving using the crates to practise our motor skills. We have also enjoyed creating obstacle courses using the wooden blocks, where the children have rehearsed positional language. 


We also had a very special visitor on Friday- Mrs Howarth and her puppy Milly.