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Week beginning 6th July 2020

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I have also included the answer sheets for you this week which means you can get your child to mark their own work!

Nearest to 99!



Based on an idea I saw on Facebook that I’ve been perfecting in my class over the last few lessons. This is a partner game or can be played in larger groups.

The goal is to get the score closest to 99 without going over and going ‘bust’. Children HAVE to take six rolls of a dice. On each roll, they can choose whether they want the number rolled to be counted as a tens number or a ones number before being added to their total. So if I rolled a 6 I could choose to have it count as sixty, or six.

My children love this game and it’s great for teaching them estimation and getting them thinking about what they might roll next and trying to come up with a strategy. It’s great fun when you’re playing and you’re on 94 BUT you still have 2 more rolls to have to take! Can you keep your score under 99 or will you go bust???

SPECIAL RULE: Once per game, a child is allowed to re-roll one die. This adds a bit of tension when you get near the end of the game as if you are on 97 you might roll a 3 and go bust, so you re-roll and hope for a 1 or 2!

NOTE: If by some chance the game ends and both children have landed on the exact same number or gone bust at the same time, have them roll a die to decide the game. Highest score takes the win!

EXTENSION: Have the children start at 99 and they have to subtract the numbers they roll. If they go below 0 they are bust!



Here are some reasoning papers you may want to try with your child. You will need to ask some of the questions verbally so there is a script that goes with the papers.

Please only do it if you want to, but again it is helpful to use as a tool to spot where they may need more help. As always if you need any support please get in touch.