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Welcome back to Victoria Park Infant School

Tuesday 2nd March

Hello everyone!
This is a quick reminder that there are new tasks for this week on Education City in the ‘homework’ tab for you. We will continue to use this resource when we are in school so do let me know if you have lost your log in details.


Well done for writing your thought bubbles yesterday! Today would you like to act out the story for yourself? Now I don’t think you will have any real elephants or monkeys at home to join in with, so you will need to use your imagination! You could draw the animals, use soft toys, or just imagine that they are there and you can practise being Handa. If you have any fruit at home you can use that for the animals to steal.  You could even ask someone at home to act the story out and you can be the narrator. A narrator is when you tell the audience what is happening in the story. You might start off saying ‘One day Handa took a basket of fruit to her friend Akeyo.’ And act out what happens from there. If you would like to, a grown up at home could take photos of you re-enacting the story and send them to me today. 🙂 

Watch this animated version of the story, to remind yourselves of the story.



Let’s start our lesson with our warm-up to recognise our sounds and tricky words. If you already know all your sounds and tricky words, you can skip this bit.

Today we are learning another way to pronounce a grapheme.

Lesson 13 - c mice

Word of the day

Today’s word of the day is …


Can you write this word in a different way other than on paper today? As it is a sunny day you could ‘paint’ it using water outside, or use shaving foam, sugar, sand, salt, or even icing to write it?


For our warm-up today, Mrs O’Connell would like to show you an online game activity… Paint the Squares.  

In today’s maths lesson we are learning about and comparing length and height. There are two videos with short practical activities to do. 

Spr1.8.1 - Compare lengths activity

Spr1.8.2 - Compare heights activity

Topic – Science/ Design Technology

As we have been reading Handa’s Surprise, I thought you could use your senses today to investigate different types of fruit. Do you have any fruit at home that you haven’t tried before or any that is a bit unusual? Today you can find out what they taste, smell, look and feel like. You can use the worksheet to draw (or type) what the taste and texture is like too. (I have uploaded it as a word document so you can edit it if needed or use the blank one).  

As an extension, you could make your own fruit salad or fruit kebabs with the fruit you do like.

Keeping active

The wire gymnastics club have some great activities to get you moving. Why not join in with them below.

Jump Start The Day with Jazzi & Warrington Gymnastics Club - Episode 4!

Well that’s another super day’s learning. Well done everybody, I’ll see you tomorrow.



Miss Green