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Week beginning 20th July 2020

This week our focus is on Teddy Bears

Have you been to the Build a Bear shop?

Do you have a bear or soft toy from the Build a Bear shop?

You can make your own bear in the Build a Bear shop!

Build a Bear Workshop Tour UK

How to Build a Bear

The history of the Teddy Bear. Your Grandparents also had a teddy bear but then teddy bears looked a bit different. Look at these old fashioned Teddy Bears

This is Rabbit and Big Ted. Rabbit belonged to my sister Ro and Big Ted belonged to my sister Liz. I had a squirrel called Squig but I lost him one day

Finally here is the last picture of my weeping willow tree. At the start of lockdown in early Spring it was just starting it's yearly growth. My tree is now due a haircut!