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Summer 2

Week beginning 20.6.22

This week we have been busy writing instructions on how to create a healthy sandwich. The children followed the instructions and the plans they created, in design and technology, to make their sandwiches. The children have also been working hard with their creative writing; creating narratives from a picture of a mysterious knight.


In maths we have been practising word-problems and working on handling data. The children have been looking at charts and answering questions.


The children are really enjoying the topic of 'Castles, Knights and Dragons'. We have been looking at castles around the U.K and writing about the land features they have. 


On Thursday the children got to make and eat their sandwiches. I was really proud of the healthy choices they made- the sandwiches looked yummy! 



We continued cricket skills with Mr Shingler this week, and we also enjoyed a gymnastic session.

Week beginning 13th June 


It has been lovely to see the children back in school after our two-week break. We have started our new topic- Castles, Knights and Dragons. 


We started our English lessons with our holiday news but it involved a twist, as we talked about the things we didn't do too! 


Stephen came up with a great sentence-  I went to Wales but I didn't see any whales. 


In maths we have been working on units of time. The children have been looking at how many days in a week, how many weeks in a month/year, how many days in a month, how many months in a year, how many seconds in a minutes, how many minutes in an hour and how many hours in a day! 


In history we have been exploring castles. We learnt about motte and bailey castles and motte and keep castles. The children had to think about the land features needed to build castles, and the differences between the two different types of castles.


In PE we have started to practise our cricket skills.


In technology we have been using the Scratch programme to create our own animations. The children have to create algorithms for their animation to move and change. You can access this programme at home-


In science we are looking at making a healthy sandwich for a very fussy king. The children have had to plan what sandwich they are going to make , which we will eat next week at our banquet on the royal lawn(also known as the grass in the playground!). 


Please can all children bring in a cereal box/es next week. We are collecting empty boxes ready to design and create our own castles.