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Home Learning For Monday (9th and Tuesday 10th November

Good Morning Reception 2 Families! 



I hope that you have had an enjoyable weekend and that you're ready to do some super learning!

This week we will be learning about Remembrance Day and we will find out about the Hindu Festival of Diwali! We'll focus upon Remembrance Day over the next couple of days.

This page will hopefully keep you all busy for today, Monday 9th and tomorrow, Tuesday 10th November. I'm only an email away if you need my help. 


Topic Activities for Monday & Tuesday

This coming Wednesday 11th November marks this year's Remembrance Day. Whilst this annual event has some complex themes behind it, little people can begin to understand its meaning when it is explained in a child friendly way. Please share this beautiful video with your child(ren) first of all. Just take the time to listen and watch and then use the following information Powerpoint to help to unpick what they saw in the video.  

CBeebies | Poppies animation

'Poppies' is a BBC Children's remembrance animation. The animation sees The Great War experienced by the animal inhabitants of a WW1 battlefield.

Here are some Poppy Day colouring sheets to enjoy

The following Poppy crafts will require some materials and preparation...

Egg Box Poppies


Paper Plate Poppies

Torn Paper Poppies

Finger Painted Poppies


Maybe you would like to make some Poppy Day bunting?

How To Draw Poppies

Enjoy this tutorial on how to draw Poppies

This is a story for children about Remembrance Day . It is an audio story which is great for developing the children's listening skills. I hope you enjoy it!

CBeebies Radio: "Poppy's Day"

CBeebies Radio: "Poppy's Day" "Poppy's Day" on CBeebies Radio is a specially written story all about remembering, not just things, but people too. It's read ...

Monday & Tuesday's Phonics Activities

Practise: Time to practise all of the phonemes that we have learnt so far by joining in with the Jolly Phonics Actions and Songs:

A new phoneme to learn: Today we are going to learn the 'x' phoneme. Listen to the song about the X Ray! Say the sound nice and clearly whilst joining in with the song and carrying out the action. 

Can you think of any words that have an 'x' in them? Not may words have 'x' at the start, 'x' generally comes at the end of the word.

Read: Use your robot talking to sound out these words and then try to blend the sounds back together.  wax    Max    fix   box   fox   

Write: Hide the words and have a go at writing them. If you can't think of what the letter looks like look for it on your phoneme mat (see the Tools for Learning). Can you hear the beginning, middle and final sound? 

Challenge: Can you put these words into a sentence? Verbal or written.

Tricky Word Writing Practise: Using the Tricky Word set that you are on, play a game called Look, Say, Cover, Write & Check. The adult writes the TW, the child says the word, the adult covers the TW, the child writes it and then check how they got on together.

Tricky Word Reading Practise: The children are all at different stages with their TWs, this Powerpoint has all TWs from Phase 2-5. As you go through them, the child reads the word as you move through the PPT. If they are stuck you say it and they then repeat it after you.

Here are lots of Phase 2 Phonics interactive games to practise your phonemes and to keep you busy!
Keep up with your home reading practise with these brilliant comics!
I wonder if you could write your own comic?! Here are some comic templates to play around with. Can you make your own speech bubbles and thought bubbles?

Monday & Tuesday Maths Activities

Our learning in Maths is all about comparing sets of objects and deciding which has more and which has fewer.

Here are some practical home learning challenges which will put comparing amounts into context for your child(ren):

You don't need to print these pictures off, just scroll through them and ask the children to decide 'Which has more and which has fewer?'
The following interactive Powerpoints will help your child to practise the concept of comparing more and fewer:
Here is a print-off recorded comparing more and fewer activity to see how your child is getting on:
Here is a brill resource that your child can play around with. It is called Splat 100! Children love BIG numbers (no pressure for them to know them BTW!) Allow them to 'splat' numbers, make patterns on the 100 square, find numbers of significance and basically explore!

Monday & Tuesday's Writing Activities

Here is a valuable video to show how to use gloop to practise mark making!

Autumn-Themed Mark Making Image Reveal

To download the Autumn-Themed Mark Making Image Reveal follow this link: This video shows you how to make gloop, which a a ...

Here are the Autumn Reveal pictures as shown in the activity

You don't need to print these posters off. Use them as a visual for your child to practise pre writing shape formations. Can you...

  • Sky write them with your magic pen!
  • Write them on your parents back with your magic pen!
  • Follow them with your finger!
  • Write them big!
  • Write them teeny tiny!
  • Write them in gloop!
  • Make them with saltdough!
  • Write them in shaving foam!
  • Write them in salt or flour!
  • Write them in different drawing materials!

Monday & Tuesday's 'Busy Bodies!'

Play the 'Bean' game!

Ask your child to dance to music whilst you pause the music and ask them to make a bean shape. Return to dancing and repeat! The 'bean' body shapes are in the fie below. You don't have to print them off, simply explain what they have to do for each body shape when you call out its name.

Let 'Jump Start Johnny' wear them out!

Childrens Workout and Dance Video | Jump Start Jonny | Hey Hey Hey

Hey hey hey, Jumpsters! I hope you're ready for this super fun workout! If you want more, then head on over to where ...

Kids Dance and Exercise Video | Jump Start Jonny | Freeze

Jump Start Jonny Workout | EVERYBODY SAY WHOOOPA!

Get ready for one of my craziest workouts EVER! If you want more, then go to to keep the party going! WHOOOPA!

Please takes some time to practise scissor handling and control whilst at home. I have uploaded some scissor practise sheets below but if you don't have a printer then make them yourselves:

Monday & Tuesday's 'Just for Fun!' Activities

One of Mrs Cook's favourite stories!


The Wonky Donkey | What could possibly be wrong with this Donkey!


Rob Biddulph teaches us how to draw Gregosaurus

Have fun with your family by following Rob Biddulph's fun instructions to draw Gregosaurus from Dinosaur Juniors! You can find lots more fun at https://www.b...

Well, I think that is quite enough to keep all you little bees busy! Keep happy Reception 2 Families and I will be uploading another 2-day 'chunk' of learning on this coming Wednesday. Thanks also for getting your parent's evening responses to me. I will firm up your actual time in the next few days along with Zoom meeting invites.


Sending love to you all heart


Mrs Cook x