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Wednesday's timetable

1 Good Morning 2F

2 PSHE story and thinking about kindness.

3 Maths investigation

4 English tasks

5 Dance

6 Storytime 

1 Good Morning 2F


Listen to the story and think about all the ways we can be kind in school. We can help someone sat on the friendship bench. We can share our toys. We can say really kind things to others in our class. 2F are fantastic friends who share and are kind.      

3 Wednesday's maths investigation
Today's maths starts with a fractions warm up game. Next is a number challenge mat. See how quickly you can fill it in and finally we have an investigation to enjoy. 
Warm up game

Place number 54 in the mat. If this is easy try 98

Have a try at this investigation. Every square needs to look different. If you solve this square puzzle then try another use a squared paper page in your maths book and draw a square of 1 a square with 4 sqaures inside and then the next one in the pattern with have 9 squares inside. Can you find out what the next ones will look like?


Look at my sheet to start you off.      

Can you solve this investigation?

4 English

a) Warm up game

Karate Cats English (

b) Listen to the "ed" ending sound. Learn the rules for adding "ed"

Nessy Spelling Strategy | Learn the 3 sounds of -ed | Spell Words Ending in -ed - YouTube

c) Can you write sentences with "ed" words in them?

I will start you off. Try and use a joining word in each sentence, "because" is a good word to use. 

I walked to the shop and bought some fresh bread.

I walked to the shop because I needed some bread for my tea. 



 Watch the magic key story and look at the verbs in the story. It's a great story.   

5 Dance with Mrs Murphy