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Weeks beginning 13th & 20th July 2020

Here are two great stories about pirates...

The Night Pirates

Pirates Love Underpants

We thought you would enjoy reading information about pirates and then you can learn about pirate ships!  

Use the information texts below to find out some more things about pirates.

Going on your own pirate adventure!

Where is your pirate ship? Is it a cardboard box you have at home? Your bed? Something outside? Hop aboard and have your own pirate adventure using your imagination!

Where will you go? What will you see? Will you take any pirate friends with you as shipmates? you might need to pack some food and here is an idea for you to make your own pirate hat!

Don't forget you need a pirate name and can you spend the day using the funny pirate words?

Pirates liked to visit lots of islands. Use the world map below and decide where you would like to visit on your ship. You could then use the internet to find out more information about the Island you have chosen.

You can write about the adventures you have been on...

or solve the mystery of the missing treasure using your phonics!

Here are some more stories for you to enjoy. 😊

The Troll by Julia Donaldson

Pirates Perfect Pet

And finally… if you would like some more pirate inspired activities, why not try this.