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Welcome back to Victoria Park Infant School

Week beginnging 20th April 2020

In nursery this week we would be basing our maths around our topic story ‘Stanley’s Stick’.

Look closely at trees, branches and leaves.  Make comparisons between different sized trees.

Count and group sticks.  Make collections of sticks. Have a go at writing numbers to match up to your stick collections.

Develop problem solving skills - count how many sticks all together, how many if we take one away or find one more  

Compare different sized sticks encouraging the children to use comparative language of quantity, position and size e.g. few, many, long, short, longer, shorter, thick, thin, thicker, thinner etc.

Use sticks to make shapes e.g. position three sticks to make a triangle shape.

Maths story time – Listen to and count back from 10 with Pat Hutchins fun number story

‘The Apple Tree’

Ten Red Apples by Pat Hutchins

Log on to education city and explore the site.  Under 'classwork' I have set a number task, count the number of frogs on the log.