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**IMPORTANT** Please remember to apply suncream before your child comes to school and remember sun hats and water bottles.

Week 2 Week Beginning 8th November

Hello everybody!

This week has been another fun, busy week in Reception 1!

Each week the children continue to develop their self confidence and impress Miss Edwards and I. It is great to see them in class at that moment when they realise they have learnt something new.


We have continued to move along with learning new sounds in phonics. This week we have focused on 'ck' (found in the middle and end of words) and 'e'. When the children practise the correct formation of the letters we model how to write the capital letter and the lower case letter. For example 'Ee'. It would be great if you can help them to practise writing the letters in their name correctly.

The children have being working on the skill of segmenting and blending sounds to read short words. They are becoming more confident with this.


As part of our topic Let's Celebrate, we have talked about Remembrance Day and why and who we remember. The children were able to think of somebody they remember and why they remember them as well as gathering a basic understanding of Remembrance day. We listened to a super story and watched a simple, short video clip from CBeebies. In class the children produced some great poppy pictures. They used their fingers to paint a poppy and collaged one by tearing small pieces of paper. (see pictures below)


PE has been a success this week with the children continuing to show the coaches how fab they are a listening to and following instructions. 

Rain did not stop our Friday celebration assembly in the playground. Yesterday we sang happy birthday to Maxi who will be 5 on Saturday - hope you have a fab day Maxi! We also have a new medal winner. Penny is our medal winner this week. Penny could have the medal each week. She is a kind, caring and friendly little girl who knows how to play well and work hard. Penny tries her best in everything she does. Well done Penny!!


Enjoy having a look at a few pictures below.



Don't forget to have a look at the homework tab in Autumn 2.

I hope you have a lovely weekend and I look forward to seeing you all refreshed on Monday morning.

Take care

Mrs Spooner x