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Week beginning 29th June 2020

In the area of expressive art and design we will continue to explore movement.  

String painting is a great activity to try!

What You Need: Lay out a piece of paper and have the child fold it in half, then open it back up laying it flat on a covered surface. Next have the child take a piece of string and submerge 3/4 of it in the paint leaving an end free of paint to hold on to. Next lay the paint covered string on one side of the folded paper in any type pattern, leaving the clean end of the string out so you can hold on to it.

Next press down the folded paper with one hand and with the other hand hold the string and carefully PULL it out of the folded paper.  

Open up your paper and look at that amazing pattern. 

The pattern will be the same on both sides of the folded paper.

Try out a music activity for the children.  Use music as an art prompt.  Paint, chalk or draw a snail trail
Use paints, chalks, pencils or pens to create movement pictures.