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Hello Reception 2 and welcome to Tuesday's Home Learning!


Tuesday's Topic Work


This week we are going to go penguin crazy! Let’s begin by sharing this wonderful BBC Plant Earth video about Emperor Penguins with your child.

Emperor penguins | The Greatest Wildlife Show on Earth | BBC Earth

Tuesday’s Literacy Work


The Emperor’s Egg by Martin Waddell is a lovely children’s story that is crammed with interesting facts about Emperor Penguins. Ask your child to listen to the story and look at the pictures. If you are listening with them then you could pause and discuss different facts with your child as they are read. Your child could just listen and discuss what they discovered at the end of the story.


Story Time- The Emperor's Egg by Martin Jenkins

Learn about Emperor Penguins in this beautifully written story.

After listening to the story ask your child to think carefully about what they learnt about penguins in the story. Now ask them finish your sentence:

Penguins can ______________________________.

Penguins have _____________________________.

Penguins are _______________________________.

Your child may have more than one idea for each category. You can scribe their ideas. If they want to write their ideas down themselves then provide them with a phoneme mat. There is a link to the print off below the picture.


Tuesday’s Phonics Work


This week we are going to recap the phonemes ‘oa’ and ‘oo’ (long and short). We’ll begin with ‘oa’.

First let’s practise and remember all the phonemes we have learnt so far. Follow the link below and join in with the Jolly Phonics songs and actions…


Now practise using your segmenting and blending skills by following the video and joining in to read the ‘oa’ words. Just click the link below…

'oa' Words | Blending Phonics Phase 3

Here is a funny song to join in with to reinforce learning the ‘oa’ digraph. Just click the link below…


oa | Fun Phonics

Can you make the ‘oa’ words by looking at the picture, saying the ‘oa’ word, listen for the first sound, listen for the middle sound, listen for the last sound, cut out the letters and re-build the words by sticking them back together again?!




All you need for this game is a dice! You can print it off and cross out the words as you read them or just use the game on the screen. How many ‘oa’ words can you read. The link is below…

Time to practise some of our Tricky Words folks! Just follow the link…

Tricky Words

Tricky Word Games



Choose the Tricky Word phase that you feel your child is up to and needs to practise the most (all TW phases are on the mat above)


Staircase Tricky Words

Write the TWs on separate pieces of paper or post-its if you have them. Place them one on each step going up the stairs. They collect them as they read them. Then they place them back as they read them going down the stairs.



This is a ‘tricky word’ version of the classic card game. This is good played in a small group. Have lots of flashcards of a few ‘tricky’ words, and get the children to deal out a pile to whoever is playing (or deal for them if necessary). Then they take turns to put one card on the table and say what they think it is. Then the next player puts one on top, and says it. Continue until you get two the same, and the winner is the person who puts their hand on them first and shouts ‘Snap!’


Tuesday’s Maths Work


Following on from 2D and 3D shape, we are going to look at pattern this week. We have touched on the concept of shape already in class. We have explored pattern in nature and have touched on repeating patterns. We will continue looking at repeated patterns. The children begin by copying repeated patterns, then they look at repeated patterns and continue them and then they progress to creating their own repeated patterns that can increase in complexity.

Here are some simple, practical Home Learning Challenges surrounding pattern…


This a recap on patterns that we see every day in our environment to share and chat about. Click the link under the picture…



Tuesday’s Physical Challenge


On your feet children and join in with this penguin dance!


Penguin Song ♫ Penguin Dance Song ♫ Brain Breaks ♫ Kids Action Songs by The Learning Station

These practical activities can be done with clothing at home to practise fine motor skills and they give your child growing independence…


Don’t forget zips!

Here is your next chapter of our story My Father’s Dragon…

Thank you as always for your hard work children (and grownups!)

Mrs Cook x