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Summer term 1\1

Week ending 7th May 2021

Expressive Art And Design 

Fun in our nursery 'Cosy Cafe'.

This week we have observed and joined in role play with the children.

Role play gives the children opportunity to act out and make sense of real life situations, to explore, investigate and experiment and develops children's social skills as they play together.

Physical Development

Dance with Mrs Murphy

I am really impressed by the children in their dance class.  They all join in and I love to see them expressing themselves in their own way.

Enjoy my short video clip.


Still image for this video

A few more busy children pics - some great work and play has been observed this week

Week ending 30th April 2021

Sinking and Floating

This week the children explored  a range of materials in water to find out whether they would sink or float.  

We have not had water play during the pandemic but in a controlled way we were able to carry out this focussed activity.  The children loved having the water out and gained so much from this activity.  It will be great when we can have water play out once again as a part of our continuous provision.

Outdoor play

The children have been making the most of the warmer weather, although they always love to play out no matter what the weather is like.


Other focussed activities this week included playing a game of 'clothes lotto',

 and making textured collage pictures.  

The children have developed their own ideas in continuous provision areas.  Below are a few more pictures.

Week Ending 23rd April 2021

Letters and Sounds Phase One Aspect Two -

The children made  an instrument which they played alongside the nursery rhyme  'Jelly On The Plate'; making quiet and loud sounds.

They made their shaker by decorating a bottle with a range of collage materials then filling their bottle with different textured bits and pieces. 

Week Ending 16th April 2021

We have made a good start on our new topic 'MATERIALS'.

The children have enjoyed our focus book, 'Stanley's Stick'.  I highly recommend this book.

With a stick in hand, Stanley's options are endless - he flies to the moon, writes in the sand, goes fishing, plays a whistle and rides a dinosaur - and his imagination takes over and the magic begins.  

Home made story sacks can be easily put together - I often collect resources cheaply from charity shops!  

We have a home made Stanley's Stick Story box with a Stanley puppet, various sticks and objects from the story.

The children used great language when retelling the story in their own words and when making up their own stick stories.

Stanley's Stick