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Monday 25th January

Monday 25th January

Good morning 1C and happy Monday! I hope you had a nice weekend and had fun relaxing, playing, and looking after your family. 
First job today, let's do our phonics:

Phonics session OU for Monday 25th January 2021


Last week we read the book Up and Down by Oliver Jeffers. Today I'd like you to write four sentences using adjectives (describing words). I'd like you to describe the penguin and/or the boy.

Here are some examples:

The penguin has black feathers. 

The penguin is brave.

The penguin is determined

The boy is friendly.

The boy is wearing a warm hat. 

The worried boy looked up in the air.

The small adventurous penguin climbed into the cannonball.


Here are some adjectives to help you:
adventurous      beautiful      confident       excited      magnificent      strange      happy      calm      energetic      relieved      awful      disgusting      frightened      hungry      lonely      big      tall      great      gigantic      fast      high      quick           
Don't worry if you need to borrow some of my ideas, as long as you can tell your grown up what an adjective is, and practise writing your super sentences, remembering finger spaces, full stops, and good year 1 handwriting!

Please can you send me this work on your email today. laugh


You have now got to grips with your number bonds to 10. Now you can use your number facts to solve addition problems. Here are two videos to help you complete the worksheet. Let me know how you get on with this!

Spring1.2.3 - Add ones using number bonds (Questions 1 to 4 on the worksheet)

Spring1.2.4 - Add ones using number bonds (Questions 5 and 6 on the worksheet)


Today can you have a go at drawing an old fashioned aeroplane by following this video? You need to follow the instructions carefully.

How To Draw An Airplane (For Young Artists)

Or you can have a go at making your own 'stop motion' video. Stop motion is a type of film making where the camera is stopped and started so it looks like something is moving when it isn't. Below is a video of Mrs Hart from last year explaining what stop motion is.


I've also included a link to a guide you can look at on how to get started. If you scroll down to the bottom of the page it contains example videos. 

Now can you draw your own picture to make a film, use toys, or model your own characters out of lego or play dough and make them move using stop motion? You could even link it to our class book and show the penguin trying to fly! 

You will need a grown-up to download the free stop motion studio app to a phone or tablet to begin with.
If you want to send the video over to me and it's too large for an email, you can use to send the file - don't worry if this is too tricky - it can just be for fun! cheeky

Mrs Hart Stop Motion Studio

Physical activity

I hope you enjoy joining in with this dance today!

The Git Up song (The Cowboy Boogie)

Don't forget to look for the new activities this week on Education City and at the Getepic website that I sent an email about last week - so far we've had one person read 4 books - wow that's fantastic!! 

I can't wait to hear how you do today,

Lots of love, Mrs O'Connell xx