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What an exciting week!

We have been rehearsing and learning our songs for our class show on Monday. It has been lovely to see the children help make decisions on what they would like to sing and choosing a few props and actions. It’s taken time to learn some of the songs together so it’s given us a little less time to do the normal things in the week but it will sure be worth it! It’s lovely to see the children enjoying themselves and doing something like this again.

This week we introduced the class elf and it’s been an exciting start to the day! 
The finder becomes the elf or elves of the day and the children love the hat and t shirt.

In maths we have continued to look at fractions and in English we have been writing a letter to Santa with Mrs Walkden and some instructions to get dressed for Santa.

We have had our usual PE lessons. Please make sure that your child doesn’t have tights on on PE day as they are unable to wear tights or socks on the mats in gymnastics. 
The children are producing great sequences of moves and playing small sided games in football. 

We can’t wait to share the small show with you on Monday. See you there! 


Elf on the shelf pictures