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Week 6


Hello Reception 2 Families

Goodness me, the weeks are flying by! We have nearly completed our first term in Reception. Despite of everything that is going on in the world we are having a fabulous time at school. The children are soaking up everything they learn, they are learning to cooperate, be good friends, organise themselves, actively listen and they are all developing as the brilliant little individuals that they are. heart

Week 6 has been ace. We have gone Christmas crafty crazy! We have been lovingly making gift creations for our families - you'll love them! The children are really developing their independence as learners and are able to explore and experiment with their own way of doing things and in contrast they are able to follow instructions to meet a desired outcome. It has been quite a giddy week and we have been excited to have taken part in the Trafford Christmas Musical Extravaganza! The children sported their home made party hats and listened and sang along with some incredible live music with some talented musicians. Gosh! We Mamboed, we rocked out to Queen's greatest hits and enjoyed listening to some beautiful festive favourites. The children sat and listened remarkably well to say that there is so much excitement in the air!

Our Festival of Lights learning topic has continued to be so lovely and enriching as we shared some Hannukah celebrations with some of our class families. A big shout out to Larry, Joshua and Finnley L who stood at the front of the class and shared accounts of how they and their families celebrate Hannukah. They spoke with confidence and enthusiasm about what it means to them. Well done boys! Thanks to their families for allowing us to explore your special Hannukah artefacts with us and indeed for bringing in delicious donuts to share! A really well deserved treat for our little people!

Next week is going to be a busy one!

Monday is our Carols in the Cold event. The children have been practising the songs with Mrs Walkden and she is very proud of them. Our playground slot is 2.50-3.10 and we look forward to sharing some covid safe festivities with you all.

A huge THANKYOU grown ups for your Christmas party donations. Our Christmas party on Thursday is going to be awesome with lots of treats in store! The children can wear their own party clothes that day. Please ensure they are still dressed appropriately for wet and chilly weather.

On Tuesday we'll be tuning in to the CBeebies Panto! Which is newly released this weekend! The PTFA have kindly donated popcorn and hot choc and the treat has been completed by a kind donation of Costa cups from our local Costa Coffee. 

Thank you for sending your child's Christmas cards in for their friends. They are being quarantined and will be distributed at the end of term. 

Keep en eye on our classroom window! Have you been able to guess the songs that will be performed in Monday's Carols in the Cold?!

Next week we will share the story of the First Christmas amongst other festive stories. We have taken our foot off the pedal with phonics, handwriting and other daily learning staples and have replaced them with pure Chritmassy FUN that has been planned throughout school! We'll continue to get our craft on and you will really love the crafts that the children have been working hard to make for you, their families. 

Enjoy your weekend everyone! Miss Hodgson and I cant wait to see you all on Monday! I hope you enjoy this week's photo album!

Mrs Cook x