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Welcome back to Victoria Park Infant School


This week we have been living and breathing life from 1666 and the Great fire of London. We have explored the music and drama programmes on BBC and we have all learnt so much. The children have written a diary excerpt from Samuel Pepys and have used tea stained paper to make it realistic.  

Mrs Nield has been supporting the children in their Great Fire of London charcoal and pastel pictures.

We have thought about how the houses were improved after the fire and how the materials used to build today such as bricks, slate and glass have been influenced by the time of the great fire. Together with this in science we have looked at the types of materials we use and their properties. Next week we explore these materials in more depth.  

In maths we have been learning about division both sharing and grouping. There are lots of videos on White rose maths and we have been watching and discussing all the different division problems. 

I sent the children home with some writing for parents evening and I hope you found this helpful to see the amazing progress being made. I also sent a sheet to show where your child was up to with their multiple counting. Please try and use any 5/10 minute blocks of time to count with your child in the car or when walking. The counting really helps the children with their multiplication and division.

Another fabulous week please enjoy the photographs.