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**IMPORTANT** Please remember to apply suncream before your child comes to school and remember sun hats and water bottles.

Week 3

Hello Reception 2 Families

Thanks for another super week. We welcomed Miss Williams this week in Miss Hodgson's absence. The children adapted really well to a new adult in the classroom and I'm really proud of them for that. We miss Miss H lots and look forward to her being back with us.


This week, as part of our topic work, we explored toys that are old and toys that are new. The children enjoyed sharing the conversations they'd had with you at home about the toys that you remember from your childhoods, so thanks for taking the time to do that. x


The children have been practising segmenting and blending slightly longer words whilst reading with me this week. So far, the main emphasis really has been on reading CVC words (c=consonant, v=vowel). When you pop just one more letter into CVC words it brings an extra challenge to their reading journey. For example, t a p might become

t r a p or s a d might become s a n d. Some of the children need a little more practise with this skill and I have sent home some words to practise for those that do. As you do with CVC words, encourage your child to segment/sound out the letters and then blend them back together to read the words. Like anything, regular practise will really help your child to hone these skills, so please do your very best to read as frequently as possible with them at home. It's important that you share with me how home reading is going, so please don't forget to add the following every time you read: the date you read, the name of the book(s), a short comment on how the reading went and an initial. I know how bonkers home life is for you all but regular home reading, alongside this dialogue between home and school is very important and will help your child to reach their very best potential.


In maths we are continuing to master numbers to 5 to deepen their early number skills. We have been placing an emphasis on reasoning and problem-solving with these numbers in order to extend those children that need that extra challenge. 


The children have been learning how to play basketball with Mr Shingler. They have surprised him with their abilities and he often comments on how their skills are comparable with children much older than them!


Next week we'll talk about how toys move, touch on electrical toys and think about how the toys that we play with inside compare with our outdoor toys. The children are really loving this topic! In literacy, we'll practise writing longer words like the ones we have been learning to read. In maths we'll begin to explore balance (weight) and capacity (full and empty).


It has been so much drier this week but mega chilly so please remember to send your little person in with hats, scarves and gloves. It would be great if you could take some time at home to practise putting on gloves and in doing up zips and buttons. We encourage independence and some of the children are finding this really tricky, thank you.


Joe was our medal winner this week in recognition of him trying harder with his home reading-well done Joe!


Here are some pics of the week that has just gone- enjoy them and enjoy your weekends everyone!

Mrs Cook x