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Hello Reception 2 Families smiley

Welcome to Thursday’s Home Learning – I hope everyone is feeling good x


Thursday’s Literacy Work


Today we are going to watch and listen to a short animated film called Nokomi. Animations are moving stories which bring the characters to life before your eyes! The story is all about a likable, mischievous and adventurous little Inuit girl called Nokomi.


Watch the film (there are a few subtitles to read for the children grown ups) and then afterwards, talk about and answer these questions with your grown ups.


Why didn’t Nokomi’s daddy not want to take her out hunting with him?

How did Nokomi feel about that?

Nokomi went out to play, who did she find in the ice-cave?

Can you give him/her a name?

Was he kind to Nokomi?

Do you think it was the right thing for Nokomi to go out of her home and so far away?

Nokomi discovered a new skill that she had learnt from her new friend. What was it?

Nokomi disobeyed her daddy and mischievously went back to visit her new friend. Was this the right thing to do?Why not?

What did her daddy do when he discovered she had gone out again?

How did he feel?

Did Nokomi’s friend want her to leave the ice-cave? How did her new friend feel about her leaving him alone again?

At the end of the film Nokomi’s daddy took Nokomi out with him instead of leaving her at home alone. Why did he do that?

How did Nokomi feel about that?

Was it a happy ending for all of the characters- the strange new friend, Nokomi and her daddy? Why? Why not?                                      



Share all of the Jolly Phonics songs and actions to get warmed up! Here's the link to the video...


Practise the recall of the phonemes (sounds) that we covered last week by saying these phonemes and asking your child to write the grapheme (the letters that represent these sounds). Remember, they are digraphs: 2 letters representing one sound.


qu  ch  sh  th  ng


We are recapping the 'ai' and 'ee' digraphs this week folks so here goes!


Share the video to practise 'ee'


Phonics: EE Sound/Words (Digraph)

Share the video to practise 'ai'


Phonics: AI Sound/Words (Digraph)

Look at the pictures on the screen. Your grown up will point to one of them, you say the word to your grown up and you need write down on paper or on a white board either and 'ee' or a 'ai' depending on which phoneme you hear.


You can print this off as an recorded activity if you wish grown ups. Here is the link..


Practise reading all of the Tricky Words on sight by following the link to the Powerpoint:


Thursday's Topic Work


I am very mindful of the fact that everyone is going to have, at hand and access to, a varying amount of craft materials at home to enable you to carry out creative activities. I hope that the following craft ideas have something for everyone managing this at home. x



How to Make an Ice Igloo with Sugar Cubes!

Igloo Craft

How To Draw An Igloo

How to draw an igloo, for kids! For this art lesson, you'll need a black marker, white paper, blue paper, scissors, glue stick, white and yellow oil pastel. ...

Arctic Animals for Kids: Polar Bear Craft

Thursday's Maths Work


Let's warm up our brains and make them feel all zingy! We'll recap last week's learning with a 1more 1less song


Continue to learn to name the common 2D shapes and their features


We'll start with a song!

2D Shapes I Know song for kidswww savevid com

Can you use the 2D shapes to to cut, build and glue a snowman, a snow lady and their snow children? Your grown ups can draw the shapes for you or you can use the print outs below...


Thursday's Physical Challenge


It's time to get away from the cold Arctic and go to the hot jungle!Join in with this jungle kids workout!

Jungle Exercise for Kids | Indoor workout for Children | No Equipment PE Lesson for Kids

Next we'll explore another of the feelings and emotions that we sometimes feel. Today we are going to find out about how feeling brave feels.


Well, that's it for Thursday's Home Learning. Well done for trying hard and being awesome! Here is a well done sticker for everyone (even the grown ups!) Enjoy the rest of your Thursday!

Mrs Cook x

Please don't forget to take full advantage of your personal access to Epic! Earlier this week, I emailed everyone with a link, class login and a individual username. Please please please check it out. You'll find hundreds of audio, ebook, videos, reading books. There are lots of fiction and non-fiction to choose from. You can search by author or topic. CHECK IT OUT! laugh