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Week beginning 8th June 2020

This week’s maths is all about continuing with our measuring work focusing on capacity and volume. You can find some helpful videos on the WRM website (week 6, days 3 and 4) and also on BBC Bitesize daily (2nd and 3rd June). There is a WRM activity sheet below but as always, these type of activities are best done practically. 

For the rest of the week we are going to do some work on position. We are going to revisit the work we have done in school, which focused on describing where objects were and writing directions to reach a destination.  

You may choose to do this work practically by placing different objects around the room and describing where they are. You could extend this by answering questions e.g. Who lives to the left of our house? Don’t forget it is always fun to pretend to be robots and follow given directions to reach a destination (to a different room) using your positional words. 

Below are some worksheets with lots of different types of questions to answer. You do not have to do all of them and if you prefer you can use toys or objects from home and do these practically telling your adult the answer.