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Welcome back to Victoria Park Infant School

Week beginning 22nd June 2020

Physical Development

This week we're going to knuckle down to some super duper hand writing practise. We are going to practise letters and numbers.


Practising on paper. Here are some worksheets but any paper will do. Just model writing each number for your child at the start of the line. 


This an interactive PowerPoint to help your child look at the formation of each letter. Whiteboards are great for practising letter formation if you have one. 

Here are a huge selection of handwriting worksheets. Amongst them are some ground, grass, sky sheets. These are brilliant for practising the strokes that go up to the sky (the ascenders) and the strokes that go underground (the descenders). Then of course, the rest of the letter sits its bottom on the ground. 


heart PSE Development heart



It's ok to be Different!

I hope that you all make a lovely list poem (see the English page) all about what makes you you heart

Here is a lovely activity in which you can draw a picture of something that makes you different and i hope that you are proud of it! I am proud of every single one of you heart


Here is a template for you to do your lovely work on.
Some lovely poems and songs to share to celebrate us all being different!

I'm Quite Unique (Celebrating Our Differences)

Celebrate the characteristics that make each of us unique and special. Preschoolers and children will enjoy this simple rhyme with illustrations.

Sesame Street: What Makes You Special?

What makes you special? Is it your cool curly hair or the way you tell funny jokes? Can you stand on one foot or is it the song you play on the kazoo? Everyo...

I Am Special-Yes I Am (kids Song)

Hello World! Peace and love to all! :) I created this song with a simple video for all children and you, to help us love ourselves, appreciate ourselves, kno...

I Am Me! (A Poem for Preschoolers)

Inspire your children to celebrate their differences and appreciate what makes them unique.

Everybody is different | English | Pipalupa

Suscríbete: ¡En Pipalupa encontrarás las mejores canciones y series animadas infantiles! Everybody is different es una canción que ense...

Expressive Arts and Design

Here is a brilliant tutorial to help you to draw a self portrait of your lovely self!


#DrawWithRob 9 Self Portrait