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Welcome back to Victoria Park Infant School

Week 1

We wish you a Happy 2023 everyone and welcome to the Reception Spring 1 term! The children have loved being back together and have enjoyed getting stuck in to our new topic-

We have begun reading a fabulous book called Here We Are by Oliver Jeffers. It is the perfect text to develop class discussions about our physical world and we had some great chats about planet Earth, space, the other planets and land, sea and sky. Mrs Riley (formerly known as Miss Hodgson!) and I were blown away about their existing knowledge and their enthusiasm!



We used the Google Earth app to take us from our school all the way to space! We could see the colours on Earth were green, blue white and yellow. We talked about what these colours represented-sea, land, ice and dessert. Then we went on to create planet Earth prints using marbelling art with shaving foam and Earth coloured food colouring. It was messy but lots of fun! The children were very excited by the results!



A note was sent home with the children on Friday to say that PE will now take place on Tuesday and Thursdays. Please ensure that your child is wearing a school PE kit to school on these days.


Have a lovely weekend everyone!


Mrs Cook x