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Tuesday 26th January

Tuesday 26th January

Good morning everyone! Thank you for your emails yesterday, I am so proud of you and how hard you are working! 

I can see a lot of you are busy completing the weekly Education City tasks - there are activities on there from the last 3 weeks, plus the games from the autumn term. I shall leave those on there for a little while to give you all a chance to have a go at them. As always, do not panic if you get the answers wrong, just DO YOUR BEST and then learn from your mistakes. smiley If you can't find your password - check your reading record book. 



To start us off today, here is my friend Geraldine Giraffe to tell us about the 'ea' sound...

Geraldine the Giraffe learns /ea/ in meat

Here is a game to play on phonicsplay, can you rearrange and read three of the sentences?


We have read the story Up and Down by Oliver Jeffers. Today can you think of an alternative (your own) ending for the story and write it down? Here are some ideas...

English introduction with Mrs O'Connell - Tuesday 26th January


Today we have two videos showing you how to add numbers using your number facts to 10. It is quite tricky so I'd like you to have a go at the questions in the video - you will need a pencil and paper or something to write on to complete the work with Miss Charlton as you go along. We will be doing more on addition tomorrow so don't worry if you find it hard, we will have more practise!

Our lovely Miss Green (who we work alongside in Year 1) has made some videos to help Year 1 children and families with the maths work. We think you will find them really useful, as they cover the basic skills we have taught in Year 1. 


For our RE work, we are going to learn about the Sikh place of worship. Have a look at and read through the powerpoint below. 

Please watch the video below of Charlie and Blue going to visit a Gurdwara (the Sikh place of worship).

Now remember when we completed comprehensions last week? Today I have some questions for you to discuss with a grown up at home. If you are unsure of the answers, look back over the information again, like we do in our English comprehensions!


*What is the Nishan Sahib?

*Where can you find the Khanda symbol?

*What is the name of the religious scripture? Where is it kept?

*What do Sikhs do as they go inside a Gurdwara?

*Can you find two things that happen inside a Gurdwara?

Physical activity

It is Tuesday so The Wire are doing a gymnastics session this afternoon.

If you can't attend it at the set time, or don't want to go on Zoom, they also have a youtube channel where they have uploaded tutorials such as the one below that I think you might like!

Home learners - look out for my email this morning about a meeting tomorrow! laugh

Love, Mrs O'Connell xx