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Week beginning 23rd March 2020

After completing a practical activity at home such as baking, gardening, washing your hands or even making the bed we would like to ask you to write a set of instructions. 

Below are some writing templates for you to use when completing your writing but if you do not have a printer a piece of paper will be fine.

When completing your writing try and remember these things.

  • Write a title to show what the text is about. It may begin “How to…”
  • Include a clear list of equipment needed.
  • Use imperative(bossy) verbs telling the reader what to do.
  • Use bullet points or number each instruction.
  • Use adverbs to tell the reader how the action should be done “…quickly stir in the flour”
  • Put it in chronological order.

Parent/Carer note-

When completing writing try and encourage your child to produce their very best handwriting. You can also help by checking their spellings of common exception words which are in the list above. These can be practised anytime whilst you are at home.

Spelling and Grammar(we shorten it to SPAG!)

This week we are going to re-cap homophones, where the word is spelled differently, means something different but sounds exactly the same when spoken aloud.

Please log in to your Education City and have fun playing on the game “Homophone Home”.