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Week beginning 27 April 2020

In the area of Art and crafts this week we would have been making our own instruments in the nursery. Mrs Howarth has been collecting suitable bottles to use throughout the year!

You could make your own bottle shaker at home.  Use an empty plastic bottle with a lid

Fill the bottle with pasta, rice, dried beans or even sugar.  Listen to the different sounds made by different fillings.

Decorate the outside of the bottle with a range of collage – you could have streamers coming out of the top of it.  Below are a few pictures of shakers for you to look at.

Other creative art activities to try.

Draw, paint and colour in pictures of your favourite clothes.

Use fabrics to make a fabric collage

Make a bird feeder using a large plastic milk bottle like this one.

Use recycled and junk materials to make box models e.g. make a robot or a house.

See below a collection of ideas using recycled materials.  See what you can make.