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Welcome back to Victoria Park Infant School

Friday 26.2.21

It's Friday!



Introduction 26th February


Today you are going to be learning about a kind of poem called a riddle. Have a look at loom link below. I am going to read some riddles to you.  Can you guess the answers?



Riddles are written in a particular way. Watch the loom link to find out what features a riddle has. 
Now read these riddles and write the answers. Does each riddle have a hard clue at the beginning and an easy clue at the end? Can you spot them? You could underline these if you print the sheets out. Or you could talk about them with a grown up and just read them on the screen.
Finally I would like you to try this activity. Copy out the riddle in your yellow book and add three more clues of your own. Remember to make sure that the last clue is the easiest and the first clue is the hardest. 


Today I would like you to play two games to practise your addition skills. The first is called the mental maths train. Click on the link below and choose 'addition' and then choose 'adding three one digit numbers'. If you wanted you could also play, 'number bonds to 10 and 20'.

The second game is called 'fruit splat'. Click on the link below and choose 'level 2' and 'level 4' to play. If you would like a challenge then choose the 'timed' mode. If you would like an extra challenge try 'fast fruit'. Good luck!


Now have a look at these activity sheets. I would like you to complete number three please. 

Friday Challenge

This week you will need to find a small box, to complete the challenge. I have put a photograph below to show you the kind of thing that you could use. It needs to be one with a lid that closes ideally.

I want you to see how many different small things you can find around your house to put in your box. You can only put one of each kind of thing in.Using twenty paper clips is cheating! Once you have filled your box, count how many things you managed to fit in it. Maybe you could have a competition with someone in your family to see who can collect the most things in their box!

You could draw all the things you put in it or ask your grown up to take a picture of them. You might want to write a list of all the different objects that you collected.  

I have made a little video below to show you what I found to put in mine. Good luck.

What's in the box?

If you would like to show me your work, I would love to see it. Your grown up could email it to me. I hope you enjoy your home learning today. Have a lovely weekend with your families. Not long to go now before we will be back together in school!